Exchange Smarthost configuration

Exchange 2007/2010

Configuring Outbound Smart Host

  1. Login as the Administrative user to your Exchange 2007/2010 server and open Exchange Management Console.

  2. Expand Organizational Configuration, click Hub Transport.

  3. Select the Send Connector tab

  4. Right click on the existing Send Connector, Select properties

  5. Go to the Network tab

  6. Select “Route mail through the following smart hosts” and click add

  7. Select Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and enter : click Ok

  8. Click Change to set the authentication type is set to None


The changes you've made to the Send Connector will take effect straight away without you having to reboot the server or restart any services.


Exchange 2003

  1. Login to your Exchange 2003 server and open System Manager.

  2. Expand Connectors, right click Small Business SMTP Connector (or your active outgoing SMTP connector) and select properties.
  3. In the general tab, set the radio option to forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts and input:
  4. Navigate to the Address Space tab and ensure there is one entry with the address specified as * and the Cost as 1.

  5. Click on the advanced tab, and then click Outbound Security

  6. Click the radio button for anonymous access and a checkmark in TLS Encryption

  7. Click OK and then OK again and verify that email is going out through the system.


In order for the new settings to take effect, you need to restart the following services:  Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine and Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) service.

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